Internet Security
You are actually in the risk all the time.
Let us change the situation.

IIOT 4, ICS, SCADA Security
You are actually in the risk all the time.
Let us change the situation.

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Our golden rule
reduces the chances of the hacking threats

Cybersecurity assessment for IoT product scenarios

Cybersecurity assessment for IoT scenarios
Tool development for detection platform
IoT Probe AAP

Introduce the secure software development lifecycle for cybersecurity products.

Security requirement module
Secure Coding Guideline Module
Security Testing Case
Security Release
Use APP tools during the testing, online and maintenance stages in product development to provide cybersecurity assessment.

Information security insurance service

OEM design Trusted Platform Module
Thread-safe function library SDK
Cybersecurity assessment kit
RegTech(Regulation Technology)


Wire & wireless monitoring for the confined space

Network trace control system

Provide Localized Network C&C, Control & Command Server, internet black and white lists management and packet filter services

Solution for motor-driven carrier and IoV

Individual development of microprogrammed control unit Utilize the satellite positioning, sensor, electronic label and wireless communication, which integrates the data by LoRa, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, and 4G technologies to achieve intellectualized management and service at the backend platform.

Understand our golden rule to face the cyber risks

About Us



ArcRan is a venture firm focusing on internet security and cybersecurity products. We do not comprise the information security of products, and we test every guideline with our experience. Our solution is to make sure that every node in the IOT is protected, and the safety of your product is not disappointing.

Our team has the development experience of Internet solutions and security tools :

  • APP Auto assessment platform with SSDLC
  • IOT solution:
  • Microprogrammed control unit for an electric vehicle, backend co-management platform, livestock farming, smart grid, street light, Long-term care, factory inspection, and RF signal detection for internet device and internet packet analysis.
  • The cybersecurity assessment service for IOT product scenarios
  • Introducing the secure software development lifecycle for cybersecurity products
  • Thread-safe function library: certified cybersecurity assessment kit
  • The research and development of cybersecurity assessment tool for IIOT 4, ICS, SCADA

IOT security

Site security

C&C, Control & Command Server display alarm

AR Incident investigation



Purchased product


ISM iSecMaster

IOT site security
Early warning surveillance system

ISecMaster monitors the wireless signals (NFC, Bluetooth, ZigBee and RF) and wired network data transfer. It provides early warning to the unexpected incidents, and integrate the threat intelligence. These features will make the site security more specific and accurate.


PPE ISAC Member Policy Enforcer

The module of implementing the information security protocols of ISACM

C&C, Control & Command Servers are the springboard for hackers. Hackers use C&C, Control & Command Server to hide their traces. Some of the C&C, Control & Command Servers are in the nation, but most of them are hidden offshore to escape from the judicial jurisdiction. The module of the information security protocols of ISACM automatically imports the STIX and include the blacklist to be part of the network layer detection collecting the results for analysis and warning.


ISMAR AR Kit- iSecMaster

Intellectual information security management platform with AR interface

Install AR interface software to the glasses or tablets to achieve instant remote guidance, capturing the information of the details, records and any related information. It improves the efficiency and completeness of solving cybersecurity cases with coordination.

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